Don Mathews
Hi, my name is Don Mathews and this site is primarily about me, so far. Music is
my passion, I love to sing, play guitar and write much of my own music. I've also
been an Emergency Medical Technician most of my adult life.
About me - I’ve lived in Michigan all my life. Born in the Flint area, I spent my early
years in Mount Morris and finished growing up in Utica. I’ve always been
passionate about music. I remember listening to my mother sing and play country
music, her favorite song was ’Old Shep’.  My aunt had an old acoustic guitar and I
began to play that when I was about nine. I saw a guitar and amp for sale in the
barber shop window and begged my dad to get it, that’s how I got my first guitar. It
was a 1964 Airline, it’s part of my collection and I still play it today. I was a member
of a rock and roll band in high school. I wrote my first song, ‘I Had a Dream’, when I
was seventeen.

I had been playing for friends and family for years when I had the opportunity to
perform publicly at Scotts Jammin’ in December of 2004. I was hooked. Being back
on stage inspired me to start writing again.

If you are a fan of country music look for my CD "If Life is a Song" released in 2011.
You're listening to the title cut on this page. My CD with tributes to EMS,
firefighters, police officers, volunteers and our military called 'Tributes to Our
Unsung Heroes' was released in 2012.  

I’m a fan of both country and rock and roll. I’ve been inspired by many of the greats
such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Conway Twitty and of
course the Beatles. As a solo artist I  love to finger pick. I write songs with a
meaning, mostly story songs. I have my own sound.

I'm looking forward to touring the country.... watch for the tour dates!
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Lyrics copyright Don Mathews

Yes I have really been working ambulance most of
my adult life. This is me (the guy in the white shirt)
I started by first ambulance service the next year.
When I started working EMS all you needed was
Basic First Aid and a CPR card. Here's a duplicate
of my Ambulance Drivers License.
I received Best Wishes from James G O'Hara the
Representative for the Algonac area when I
opened my first ambulance service in 1975. This is
me with my lime green 1967 Cadillac Ambulance.
Being the creative genius that I am - I called it
Mathews Ambulance Service
1982 Cheboygan, Michigan Mock Disaster  
Back in the day - check out the turn out gear.
Here I am performing my POW/MIA
Tribute song 'Remember Me' at the
10th Annual POW/MIA Balloon Launch
in Milwaukee, WI May, 2007
Practicing for Benefit Concert
May 2005
Truckin' Don - I took a brief break from
EMS to attend truck driving school. I
really enjoyed driving the big rigs but
EMS was in my blood. Gotta love those
cheesy sideburns and the Beatles haircut!
Musical Tributes to EMS and Others
Who's Gonna Know
If Life is a Song