Ever meet someone for just a few minutes who actually restores a little bit of your hope in mankind? Over I
the time to seek him out afterwards. I had to know his story.

He walks carrying a backpack and a bamboo pole decorated with flags, signatures, decals and other neat
stuff. Everywhere he walks, people sign the pole or the flags. In exchange for leaving a signature, Armand
asks that all signers go on to do an act of kindness for someone within the next 24 hours. Pretty awesome,
huh? There are thousands upon thousands of signatures, some of which are from some pretty famous
Hollywood folks, but I was most attracted to the pictures of Jesus just near the top of the pole (if you look
closely or click on the picture above, you can see one of them just beneath the POW MIA patch).

He walks for a few reasons. 1) to inform people about the benefits of using bamboo as an alternative
lumber source (hence the bamboo pole he carries), 2) to promote acts of kindness, and 3) to show
appreciation and honor to the firefighters, police officers and service men and women who have served this
country, along with all of the lives lost on September 11th.

He told us that he once led a life that included drug addiction and prison time, but has since become a
Christian. He spoke about the blessings in his life and about how thankful he is for what all God has done
for him. So thankful he is, that he wants to help some of the people that he meets along his journey and he
is doing just that. There are several stories about acts of kindness he has done along the way. In my own
town, he helped a struggling family get back on their feet after they suffered a medical and financial crisis.

He beamed as he talked about the day when he is going to finish his walk. He will be marching into lower
Manhattan and laying that bamboo pole, along with all of the flags, patches and collected signatures down,
on the ground, at the 9/11 twin tower site. I tried to imagine what that moment will feel like for him as he
finally ends his long and tiresome journey - just amazing.

So here's something to ask yourself - what cause would you be willing to walk across the country for?

I think all of us can get a bit of inspiration from an average guy like Armand Young and his most unaverage
walk. If we care about something, really care about it - we need to start our own walks. Maybe not across
the country or even across our hometowns, but by taking steps to do some good for the causes that God
has laid on our hearts. Imagine if we all did something to better the spaces around us. Ah, how much closer
to Heaven this world would seem.


"This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples." (John 15:8)
Oh, that we would tirelessly walk to bear fruit for the glory of the Father!

Thank you, Armand for inspiring me.
Journeying Forward
.........I once was lost, but now I'm found.
Armand Young left Santa Monica Pier, California, April 16th,
2007.  Armand is walking across America to change the lives
of as many people as he can.  "For every life taken by the
Armand says.  He is promoting acts of kindness.  Armand
carries with him a bamboo pole, which is to promote using
bamboo as an alternative to wood, in order to help save the
rain forrests.  In this pole, he has American flags.  These
flags bear the signatures of people that Armand has met
along the way.  "When you sign my flag, you are promising
me that you will perform an act of kindness for someone
within the next twenty four hours.," he says.

His goal is to carry this pole to the site of the World Trade
Center, and leave the pole and flags there in memory of the

Armand will stop in towns along the way, and try to find a
family in need of help.  Armand has helped homeless
families find shelter, he helps the hungry find meals, and the
cold find warmth.  He does this by inspiring other people to
help.  He finds people who are willing to help the family get
into a home.  People who have helped have donated first
month's rent, deposits, food, clothing, and so much more.

their life to walk across America?  While Armand has been in
Many people are skeptical, because let's face it, who leaves
my hometown, I have seen with my own eyes, just how real
this guy is.  He's done everything he can to help a family
here.  I will be posting more on this story later.  For now, I'm
just trying to get the basic information up.  There will be
places for people to post about their experiences with

I encourage you to bookmark this page, and check back
often, as it will be ever changing.  I hope to have an "Armand
tracker" on here, so that we can see where Armand is, and
how he is doing.  I will be uploading videos and pictures to
go along with the stories.

Thank you for checking us out, and God Bless America
It's destination Ground Zero in New York City or bust,
and armed with a bamboo pole full of signatures, says
his impact on people has been great.

Some call Armand Young the modern day Forest
Gump, but instead of running across the country, he’s

Armand’s goal is to raise awareness about issues the
U.S. and the world are facing. He took his first steps
toward this goal back in April when he left California.

It's destination Ground Zero in New York City or bust,
and Armand, carrying an 80-pound backpack and
armed with a bamboo pole full of signatures, says his
impact on people has been great.

“When people sign my pole, I ask them that the next
day they do something nice for somebody. I’ve got
around 38,300 signatures on here.

“By the time I get to New York, I want to see over a
million human acts of kindness behind my walk”

Along the way he collects badges from local fire and
police departments to sew onto a flag. He will place the
flag, along with his bamboo pole, at Ground Zero once
he arrives.

For the past month or so he’s been traveling through
Nebraska on Highway 30, stopping at towns along the

On Sunday he crossed the river into Iowa.

After taking a few days to rest up, he plans on leaving
the metro at noon on Wednesday from Bayliss Park in
downtown Council Bluffs.

Armand has had many people support him simply by
walking alongside of him. He encourages people to
join in and walk with him Wednesday when he leaves

To read more about Armand’s cross country trek, go
to his Web site.

From: WOWT.com
Today we were invited by a man named Armand Young, who
is walking across America, to join him for a mile.

He started in San Diego and is carrying a bamboo pole to
New York. This morning he visited the church we attend and
shared a little about his journey. He shared about his goal of
helping the homeless, and about a homeless woman in our
town who was going through some tough times. He also
encouraged folks to join him as he walked from the veteran's
memorial (near where the church meets) to the emergency
residence shelter, about a mile away. By the end of the
service housing for the woman and her two children had
been arranged.

In the short time between the morning service and the
departure time for the walk, I did a little searching on the web.
Is this guy for real? His main site is www.bamboothewalk.com,
though it's not being maintained well. [Update: he has a
twitter account.] There are news articles about him from
Brush (Colorado) News-Tribune, Omaha's Channel 6 and the
Ames Tribune. And there's a guest editorial in the North
Platte (Nebraska) Bulletin.

The first day of his walk is on YouTube and he seems to be
using the comment section as a blog of sorts.

We walked with him to the shelter (brrr, the bank
thermometer said 11 degrees) and met with the woman who
will be receiving a year of paid rent. She recently got a job
and this will help her to get back on her feet.

What did Armand do during his stay here? He connected
needs to resources and was courageous enough to ask
people to care. Is he for real? Did he suddenly show up at
our church this morning because the sermon topic was
Finding God in the Unexpected? I don't know. I do know that
because of Armand Young, someone without a home will
have one for the next year.
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Armond resumed his walk across America
on May 20, 2010 from Plymouth, IN
his walk finishing at ground zero and the 9-11 museum.