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Don Mathews
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I have a unique sound that combines oldies rock
and roll, old and new country styles.I've composed
a wide variety of music reflecting life as I see it.

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Here is one of the lovely e-mails we
Thanks Sara for the kind words, Don

My name is Sara Mamerow and I just
wanted to share my thoughts about
Don Mathews. I'm not sure if he is
even able to read this but if there is
any way he can please let him.

A couple weeks ago, I catered at a
Cheer Competition called JamFest.
Later that day, I ran into a man named
Don Mathews and his wife Mrs.
Mathews. We started to talk more and
more as the day went by and enjoyed
listening to each others stories. We
worked in the same area that day and
when I walked out of the builiding at
the end of the day, I was a completely
different person. Not only does Don
work hard in what he does,  he loves
it. He changed my point of view on
what I want to do in my life. I felt
motivated and was inspired by this
man. He showed me that he sings
and told me about his album. When I
got home I listened to his music and
simply smiled. This man is a creative,
inspiring and calming gentleman, His
music is great (loved "Face to Face" ,
in his "If Life Is A Song" Album). and
should be heard more by others.

Thank you for your time and I hope he
is able to see this email or just know
that he has impacted my life from his
sweet personality and our lovely talk
with his wife!
Sincerely, Sara Mamerow