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'Tribute to EMS' - When Don wrote 'Tribute to EMS' he was expressing
feelings that he felt after several ambulance calls from the past flashed
through his memory. After sharing his new song with friends in the
ambulance service and fire department, he was encouraged to record
'Tribute' and make it available. Don has received numerous letters and
e-mails thanking him for sending out copies of 'Tribute'. His letter from
President Bush is in the photo album. Included here are several of the
articles that have appeared since 'Tribute to EMS' went public.
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Don Mathews
'Saving Lives and Careers through Music'
KALAMAZOO, Mich. and RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- While
there are many great songs out there paying homage to civil service
workers and military personnel, "Tribute to EMS" by EMT of 30 plus years
Don Mathews is written from their point of view. This unique song is used
with what they have to face everyday. Our public safety personnel are
over-worked and under-paid yet do what they do for the love of the job
and the communities they live and work in. Don says, "I wrote and
recorded 'Tribute to EMS' when I needed help myself after a particularly
bad call and there was nowhere to turn. Because I have been responding
to EMS calls for over 40 years I can relate to other EMS workers on a
personal level. Even though I'm not a licensed counselor, when someone
is having problems I can listen and understand where they are coming
from. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who's been there."
Don has played for Fire, EMS, and Military Personnel around the country
at his own expense to help with everything from stress relief to
fundraisers. Don has written many songs dedicated to civil service and
military personnel including tributes to EMS and fire, volunteers, police
officers and soldiers. The BMI-licensed Nashville Recording Artist has
three songs being released including "Angels in an Ambulance." Signed
to The Artist Development Network, Don is seeking a sponsor or label
representation for Touring, Advertising, and Recording Projects so he
can continue to travel and support those that give their all everyday for
very little in return.
"Tribute to EMS" has touched many lives and saved countless careers
and is receiving thanks and praise everyday. Despite all the good it has
done and continues to do and the accolades it has received from the City
of New York Fire Department Counseling Services Unit, President
George W. Bush, Acadian Ambulance Service of Louisiana and
Mississippi, and EMS Personnel in other countries including Australia and
the U.K., it has yet to receive the publicity and awareness it will take to
reach the countless other people that it could benefit.
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By Patty Edwards Shaver
MCV Career Development Facilitator

Who said you must be under 30 and beautiful to make it to Nashville? That may be the criteria for
American Idol contestants, but not for late bloomer, Don Mathews of Galesburg, Michigan, whose song
Tribute to EMS (Emergency Medical Services) has become a counseling tool for emergency responders
around the world.

“I was shocked when I first learned about this,” said Mathews. “I wrote Tribute to EMS because I had no
one to talk to for counseling after a very traumatic call.” After 40 years in EMS it was difficult for Mathews to
understand why he was not coping as time passed. He questioned God about his career choice and
wondered if it mattered to anyone else. “I kept thinking about that call during church and when I went
home I wrote the song Tribute to EMS. Once I started writing I couldn’t stop. The words just flowed from

After sharing the song with other EMS personnel, Mathews was encouraged to record Tribute to EMS and
make it available to others in the profession. Upon hearing how emergency response personnel in the
New York City (NYC) area were having trouble coping with the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Mathews
sent the song to the City of New York Fire Department’s Counseling Services Unit who sent a letter that
said, “We send you our gratitude for your letter and song. We passed it around the office and had many
people listen to it, counselors, staff and firefighters alike. It was a topic of great discussion and everyone
sends their thanks for being able to express what many cannot.”

Mathews believes that because of his long EMS career he can relate to other EMS workers on a personal
level. “Even though I’m not a licensed counselor, when someone is having problems I can listen and
understand where they are coming from,” Mathews said. “Sometimes you just need to talk to someone
who’s been there.”

Tribute to EMS has made its way across the United States resulting in thanks from EMS professionals in
fire stations in Los Angeles to ambulance garages in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Mathews has
received e-mail from emergency responders in Bulgaria, New South Whales Australia, and Germany
where the song lyrics have been translated to their own language for use in counseling sessions.

“I just wish I had a way to get it [Tribute to EMS] out to help all EMS workers. I hope that all of my music
will help somebody some place."
Of all the letters Mathews has received, there’s one he treasures most: “I applaud your commitment to
service.” Your efforts reflect the true spirit of our Nation.” It was signed by then President, George W.

Since December 2004, Mathews has written 50 songs, mostly from places he had been from Portland,
Oregon to Raleigh, North Carolina. While staying in Raleigh last year, he performed at popular night
spots like Deep South, Scooters and The Big Easy, just to name a few.

Mathews has also performed for Fire, EMS, and Military Personnel around the country at his expense to
help with everything from stress relief to fundraisers including the 10th Annual POW/MIA Balloon Launch
on Memorial Day 2006 in Milwaukee, Wisc., and the T.K. and J.P. Music Fest in Washington, D.C. July 17-
19, 2009. He has written and sung songs for enlisted military men and women, prisoners of war and
homeless veterans. "I have strong feelings about the plight of the homeless," Mathews said, "especially
our veterans and I would love to raise money for them.

So far Mathews has three Nashville releases: Angels in an Ambulance, Sugar & Spice, and You're My
Miracle. His first CD, Memories of You,, is available to purchase online through CDBaby.com, and

Mathews said he would love to break the odds in the music business and to hear one of his songs hit
the Top 40 on the radio. “I’d like to get labels to think outside the box and understand that people like me
have a lot to offer if they will take the time to listen,” he said.

Mathews, a BMI licensed artist working with the Artist Development Network in Nashville, Tenn., is
seeking a label. He uses his down time to travel with his wife Ruth and perform. Their goal is to raise
awareness of the need for nationwide support and counseling services for all Emergency Response
Service professionals. Become a fan of Don Mathews on Facebook and listen to a sampling of his
music. To book Don Mathews, contact Chris Mathews by e-mail at broncoaudio@yahoo.com