Don performs at Scotts Jammin' -
Photographers were on hand to
capture the event and several articles
followed. This was also the first public
awareness of the letter that Don
received from President Bush.  
Don performs 'Tribute to
EMS at Scotts Jammin'
In and Out Church at
Galesburg United Methodist
accompaniment for the evening
church service.
Jammin' out on the deck - Don
enjoys quiet time on our farm.
Don with one of the Kalamazoo County
Ambulance units
Don and his wife Ruth
ran the ambulance service from June of
1988 until April of 2006. Don is an EMT and
has been involved in EMS since the late
1960's.  See more old EMS pics on the
About Me page
Big Blue - This was
Don's 1978 Ford truck,
another one of Don's
creations. Big Blue was
fully detailed, even
under the hood and the
undercarriage. He even
built these custom oak
running boards. The
ghost flames were his
last addition.
Some of Don's other interests - Don has
a real passion for older cars and trucks. He
restored this 1967 Chrysler 300 from a gray
hulk with a tree growing through the floor.

Don loved to ride when he could find the
time. Now it's the mustang convertible.

Don has provided the ambulance stand-by
and spent many hours at the drags. He's
written several of his songs there.
Christmas Season 2005 - Don  
jammin' with friends at a Christmas
Program for senior citizens at the
Climax Methodist Church and as a
guest performer.
Quiet Time between ambulance calls.
River Manor - Don and Ruth performed
for a group of residents at River Manor in
Comstock Township on May 30th.
Letter from President Bush
Don received this beautiful letter in response to a
letter he wrote to the President and First Lady
after Hurricane Katrina.
Don at the Big Rock Music Barn 2006
Country Fever Dance Ranch
Assyria, MI
At the Pub in Richland
Musical Tributes to EMS and Others
Don Mathews
Comstock VFW Post 6252
I want to thank my friends and fellow musician's who have
stepped in to work on this project with me, sometimes at
the expense of their own projects.
Thank you, Bill Ollding - Bass Guitar, Saul Johnson -
Drums, Lisa Lofchie - Harmonica, and Peter Miller of the
Alt Rock Band (Wholesome News). I could never thank
you enough for the work and effort you have put in when
all I have to offer is friendship and gratitude.
A few of the places
Don had fun
performing while he
was in Raleigh,
North Carolina
Raleigh, NC Fallen Firefighters Memorial 2009
Don visits with EMS providers and firefighters
More Photos
June 21, 2009   Kalamazoo,MI    Fete de la Musique
Tribute to EMS